On November 28, 2018, the United States government announced the investment of $100 million, through PEPFAR, to address key gaps toward achieving HIV epidemic control and ensuring justice for children, including by leveraging the unique capacities and compassion of faith-based organizations and communities.

The Faith and Community Initiative seeks to:

  1. Engage communities of faith to reach men and children with testing and services, understand the epidemic, and raise community awareness through:

    • Faith community structures; and

    • Existing and additional FBO partners.

  2. Strengthen justice for children through:

    • Community leaders (e.g., faith, traditional, school , civic);

    • Faith & traditional organizations/structures; and

    • Justice sector, and those who work with the Justice sector.

To maintain the gains for HIV prevention and control, global faith leaders also developed Messages of Hope for COVID-19.  While these messages were developed with the aim of serving populations affected by HIV/AIDS, they are generic and can be adapted for use in other settings.

New Foundations of Hope Webinars