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Please kindly complete this short FCI New Foundations of Hope webinar evaluation for each webinar you have attended or reviewed. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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Looking Back and Looking Forward: FCI New Foundations of Hope

28 September  2022

FCI NFH September Webinar Recording

passcode: j58CW@Q6

Resource Documents


HIV and COVID: Addressing adolescents, food insecurity, orphanhood and other second order impacts”

15 June 2022

FCI NFH June  Webinar Recording

passcode: 9!Q11HMD

Resource Documents

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Sustainability of FCI models & Overview of COP22 Guidance for Faith Organizations’ webinar

6 February  2022


COVID-19 Messages of Hope & Addressing COVID-19 Vaccination Myths and Misconceptions

17 November 2021


Children Affected by COVID-19

25 August  2021

FCI NFH August  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: @6#aR2Wz

Resource Documents

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Strategies for improving the HIV cascade for men: case-finding, same-day initiation, and viral suppression

19 May 2021

FCI NFH May 19  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: dd9wpVV+

Resource Documents


COVID-19 Parenting Tips and Impact on OVCs and Vulnerable Communities

25 February 2021

FCI NFH Feb 24  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: #uq8z!ht

Resource Documents


HIV Model Program-

How to Replicate

28 October 2020

FCI NFH Oct 28 Webinard Recording

Access Passcode: ?Y!6WyWl

Resource Documents

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Sexual Violence Against Children training & COVID-19 Messages of Hope

17 June 2020


Where FBO Engagement is MOST needed now, in 2022: Highlights and Perspectives from IAS”

24 August 2022

FCI NFH August  Webinar Recording

passcode: uh.Wi*z7

Resource Documents


Program Monitoring & Evaluation for FBOs

18 May 2022

FCI NFH May  Webinar Recording

Resource Documents


Addressing COVID-19 Vaccination Misinformation, a follow-up

19 January  2022

FCI NFH January  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: 4?v5Vm9H

Resource Documents


Targeted HIV Testing for Children, Adolescents and Men in the COVID-19 context: Screening Tools and Models from faith and non-faith Communities

20 October 2021

FCI NFH October Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: !Ba@9S=Q

Resource Documents

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Enhancing HIV prevention in faith communities: what is PrEP, why it is important and how to better promote it in faith settings

28 July 2021

FCI NFH July  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: XN80*bp3

Resource Documents


Capacity building for faith leaders & FBOs on preparing and writing abstracts for large conferences/events

21 April 2021

FCI NFH April 21  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: z?48Gu9Z

Resource Documents


Advancing Access, Acceptability, and Equity for COVID-19 Vaccines’ 

27 January 2021

FCI NFH Jan 27 Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: Hg*++4UO

Resource Documents

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Overview of Faith Matters! Training

19 August 2020


Caring for Carers & COVID-19 Messages of Hope

03 June 2020


Baby Shower: a congregation platform to address health disparities such as HIV

20 July 2022

FCI NFH July  Webinar Recording

passcode: dqX0@7#=

Resource Documents

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HIV Stigma Reduction for Children, Adolescents and Men: strategies & results

20 April 2022

FCI NFH April  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: Kyk6=qYT

Resource Documents


COVID-19 Mitigation During the 2021 Holiday Season & End-of-Year Celebration of our FCI Learning Community

8 December 2021

FCI NFH December  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: ?y?T%UY7

Resource Documents


Programmatic approaches to preventing GBV, VAC and adolescent pregnancy

15 September 2021

FCI NFH September  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: SADFV71&

Resource Documents


Case finding and retention for children and adolescents

16 June 2021

FCI NFH June 16 Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: CX9@4^!r

Resource Documents


Spiritual and Psychosocial Self-Care for Caregivers and Communities


17 March  2021

FCI NFH March 17  Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: FCINFH321*

Resource Documents


Celebration and Hope


9 December 2020

FCI NFH Dec 9 Webinar Recording

Access Passcode: Z*!?58it

Resource Documents

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What’s New in COVID-19 and HIV

15 July 2020

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